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Advancements in PCB Fabrication Technology: How India is Staying Ahead



The gross international market of PCB fabrication is anticipated to attain approximately USD 81 billion. 4 billion by 2028, according to a report by Grand View Research; and This phenomenal growth is perhaps attributable to the fact that there is growing demand for highly integrated circuits that are small-form factor electronics in the consumer electronics, automotive, and telecommunication industries. Therefore, the development of PCB fabrication technology is constantly advancing, and several countries are enjoying the dynamism of this race. India has a rich talent pool, robust infrastructure facilities, and incentives from the Government making it a fast-growing player in such a highly fluid environment.

This blog goes into the details of the trends and emergence in the technology of fabrication of PCB and how companies in India have adopted this new technology. We will also cover the various opportunities that are available in the PCB fabrication industry across the globe, with a major focus on India.

Miniaturization and High-Density Interconnect (HDI)

The main industry trend in the fabrication of PCBs is size reduction, and in fact, it is one of the most prominent trends in the electronics manufacturing industry as a whole. Technology is getting advanced and the portable electronic devices shrinking in size, this requires the PCBs with fine features and thin lines. It is in this context that High-Density Interconnect (HDI) technology is relevant. HDI PCBs provide benefits such as the packing density where multiple layers with thin traces and smaller vias are employed. Followed PCB fabrication companies across the India such as Lion Circuits are also continuing to invest in enhanced equipment and processes to enhance their HDI proficiency

Embracing Flexible PCBs for Diverse Applications

The field of PCB design is not only limited to the rigid ones in the current world anymore. Flexible circuits PCBs are exploring opportunities in wearables, medical care devices, and robotics since they flex and can be shapes. Currently, many Indian manufacturers are investing in LDI and newer laminating processes to make flexible PCBs and cater to this individualistic application need.

Advanced Materials for High Performance

Laying down of a PCB has various characteristics concerning the materials used in constructing it. Currently some of the leading Indian PCB fabricators are on the lookout for, as well as using better dielectric and thermal performance materials. These advanced materials consist of high performance laminates, low loss dielectrics, and thermal conductivity substrates. Hence, these materials are being used in PCBs by Indian manufacturers to provide optimal performance under difficult conditions.

Automation and Industry 4.0

The problems with the fabrication of PCBs can be solved by incorporating Industry 4.0 technology to pave the way for automated manufacturing of PCBs. These are automated optical inspection systems, also known as AOI, and pick-and-place machines, which Indian manufacturers are increasingly using to reduce human interference and enhance production. Further, they are using accurate data capturing tools in tracking and analyzing production processes and enhancing quality.

Sustainability in PCB Fabrication

Customer awareness is turning into a significant issue for electronics producers. Manufacturers of PCBs panels in India are embracing eco-friendly procedures to reduce their impact on the environment. Some of them are the replacement of lead based solders, the introduction of recycling programs for all the waste materials and the use of energy efficient equipments.

India’s Advantages in the Global PCB Fabrication Market

Several factors contribute to India’s growing prominence in the global PCB fabrication market:

  • Cost-effectiveness: India provides relatively affordable production prices compared to the leaders of this sphere, such as China. This has succeeded in putting Indian PCB fabrication in a vantage position mainly because of the relatively low cost of production.
  • Skilled Workforce:  India has a high number of experienced engineers and technicians to man this sector, especially in the PCB layout and manufacturing. This makes it easy for Indian manufacturers to harness talent, enabling them to provide quality PCBs in the market.
  • Government Support: There is a strong push from the Indian government towards the development of the electronics manufacturing industry through campaign such as the ‘Make in India’ practically gives inducements and support infrastructure for the PCB fabrication firms to thrive.

The Road Ahead for Indian PCB Fabrication

To summarise, looking at the current scenario and trend of the Indian PCB fabrication industry, there is every likelihood of it being on the right track for glorious growth in the near future. With such measures like constant investment in new technologies, practicing sustainable business model and utilizing the strategic potential, India is on the right track to becoming one of the leaders in the emerging sector. With a growing trend towards smaller and faster PCBs and growing need for higher value PCBs, Indian PCB manufacturers are poised to grow even further and be the catalyst for change in electronics manufacturing.

Searching for a trusted partner for PCB Fabrication manufacturing in India?

If the reader needs no further example of a company engaged in PCB manufacturing using microvia technology, Lion Circuits [2] should fit the bill. They have invested in sophisticated equipment, utilize innovative technology, and maintain the highest quality as one of the key reasons why Lion Circuits is a preferred PCB fabrication company. They provide a full scope of competency, such as HDI, flexible printed circuit, and higher material proficiency. You should email or call Lion Circuits today regarding your concern about the PCB fabrication.


Technological improvements in creating and constructing the printed circuit boards have spearheaded the electronics industry into higher realms of development and progression. The PCB fabrication industry is seeing India establishing a strong market stance through concerted governmental emphasis on the sector, investment in research and development, skilled manpower pool, all of which making the country a global player in PCB fabrication. Firms such as LionCircuits are right on the precipice of this revolution, they integrate great technology and an absolute focus to the buyers’ needs in offering exceptional PCBs for distinct uses.

Wearable electronics, automotive electronics, smart home applications, IoT, 5G, AI, and advanced packaging are only a few of the trends that will dictate the future of PCB fabrication. Thus embracing and giving due importance to these trends, India holds a promise as the leader in the electronics domain and is already gearing up to set new standards for excellence in the fabrication of the PCB.


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Harnessing the Power of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) with Adobe Commerce Integration 



In the contemporary industrial domain, the online presence of a business is mandatory. It does not matter whether it is to generate profit and sustain relationships with business partners, a versatile online website acts as a stimulus to achieve your business objectives. At this point, Adobe Experience Manager comes to their aid in rendering seamless customer-centric experience across various channels.

AEM is a robust content management system that provides a plethora of benefits when compared to various CMS systems. The presence of several products along with ads-in within AEM is tailor-made to the expectations of a firm.

Why does Adobe Experience Manager matter in the first place? 

In the current digital era, selecting an apt Content Management System is essential for a business firm to maintain a robust presence online. AEM provides numerous great advantages when compared to their rivals. Some of its astounding perks are:

  • Seamless Customization for Business Purposes

One of the key highlights of AEM is its versatility. There are customization options tailor-made for various business requirements. Its exceptional architecture would enable a firm to shape the platform based on its discretion.

  • Smooth integration with Adobe Commerce Cloud

AEM ensures a smooth integration with the Creative Cloud suite of Adobe. As a result, it helps widen the gap between content management and content creation. It would make sure that both designers and content developers work in collaboration in a unique ecosystem.

  • Powerful User Administration And High Security

Management of user assets and securing digital assets is mandatory in the present cyber security environment. Adobe Experience Manager outshines its rivals in terms of security and user administration offering granular control over various access levels and user permissions.

  • A Plethora of Specialized Tools

The availability of specialized tools is yet another major benefit of AEM. There is a diverse range of consoles and tools to rationalize content management. Some of its features include templates and blueprints to streamline management. 

  • Exceptional Accessibility Support and Unequaled SEO

AEM lays special emphasis on Search Engine Optimization and accessibility. It comprises some key components that are designed out of top-notch SEO scores. This would ensure a smooth implementation of SEO practices thereby assisting your digital assets to rank higher in Google search results.

  • Recyclable Solutions for Optimal Efficiency

AEM fosters efficiency via the recycling of elements such as templates, blueprints, and components. This helps narrow down data redundancy and boost development timelines thereby ensuring maximum consistency across digital channels. As a result, content management processes can be optimized and bring down development efforts.

  • Management of Web Layout

Adobe Experience Manager assists in managing the layout of web content. The presence of a versatile layout system enables you to manage the design and place elements in a precise manner. This is helpful for content creators to design aesthetically appealing web pages. 

Now let us take a look at a few of the benefits of AEM: 

Benefit How it helps
Seamless Customization Offers seamless customization for various business purposes due to its versatile infrastructure.
Smooth Integration Smooth integration with the Creative Cloud enables businesses to include graphics, videos, images, and other creative assets in their web content easily. 
Powerful User Administration and Security The presence of a robust security network and comprehensive documentation enables administrators to conserve their digital assets with ease.
Personalized Tools AEM is filled with personalized tools and consoles to streamline content management.
Accessibility Support The availability of smart tagging helps in increasing the content’s relevance, and tracking will be easier.
Recyclable Solutions Enhances efficiency via elements such as components and code that are recyclable. 
Flexible Layout System Developers do have the option to manage the content design and place elements in an accurate manner.

The chart depicted below reveals the usage of Adobe Experience Manager across the globe: 

How can a merchant benefit from AEM and Adobe commerce integration?

The synchronization of AEM with Adobe Commerce during software development provides a plethora of advantages to businesses and e-commerce developers. In this process, e-commerce data is preserved within a single location, which helps in gauging performance and executing informed decisions.

Apart from that, there is a diverse range of features that assist in the smooth operation of a business, including stock management, customer segmentation, and automated order processing.

This integration process assists business firms to leverage personalized content and analytics thereby enabling them to get familiar with the needs and expectations of a customer and offer tailored experiences for boosting the sales turnover.

The integration of AEM and Adobe Commerce assists businesses in leveraging certain features to amplify customer experiences: 

  • Product Recommendations

It has the potential to harness the cloud-based marketing of Adobe to render personalized product recommendations based on customer needs and expectations.

  • Personalized Content

The integration of AEM and Adobe Commerce provides optimized content that would resonate with customers thereby ensuring a memorable experience.

  • Automated Marketing Campaigns

AEM’s automation abilities are unparalleled since they involve a fusion of Adobe’s robust marketing suite and AEM’s content management capabilities across channels and devices. You can automate marketing campaigns using customer behavior and their purchase history. 

  • Analytics 

AEM can deliver deep insight into the behavior of a customer, boost customer performance, and help achieve better marketing campaign results.

  • Search engine optimization

It allows firms to optimize their online stores’ web content with ease. The integration helps increase visibility and boost traffic to their website.


To wrap up, the integration of AEM and Adobe Commerce is a wise move for those firms who intend to maximize their online presence and ensure a remarkable customer experience. It has the potential to help businesses grow and sustain themselves in the digital landscape. So, if you were thinking about hiring an Adobe Partner, now is the right time! 


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eTrueSports on iOS: Revolutionizing Mobile Sports Coverage



In the ever-changing realm of sports, one must be current. eTrue Sports on iOS provides a flawless and immersive experience that is transforming how fans interact with sports content. Here’s a detailed analysis of what makes eTrue Sports a game-changer for iOS users and sports aficionados.

Unparalleled Real-Time Updates

eTrue Sports updates all of your preferred sports in real-time. The app guarantees you never miss a moment, whether your preferred sport is football, basketball, baseball, or soccer. No matter where you are, live scores, play-by-play commentary, and immediate alerts keep you current.

Comprehensive Coverage

The app provides broad coverage of significant sports leagues and events all around the world. From the NFL and NBA to the Premier League and World Cup, eTrue Sports offers thorough stats, match notes, and professional commentary. This all-encompassing strategy guarantees fans access to all the knowledge they need.

User-Friendly Interface

Designed with the customer in mind, eTrue Sports boasts a clear and simple navigable design. The elegant design of the app lets users easily peruse several sports categories, check stats, read news, and view highlights. On iPads and iPhones, the responsive design guarantees a flawless experience.

Personalized Experience

eTrue Sports offers personalized content that aligns with your preferences. Choosing your preferred sports and teams results in tailored news, alarms, and updates. This tool guarantees that you remain current on the issues that are most important to you.

High-Quality Multimedia Content

High-definition films, photo galleries, and podcasts, among other multimedia items, abound on the app. From game clips to player interviews to professional roundtable talks, eTrue Sports offers captivating material to improve your sports viewing.

Social Integration

True Sports acknowledges the importance of community in sports. The software lets you interact with other fans, comment on games, and distribute updates by smoothly linking with social media sites. This social component improves the overall user experience and helps one feel like they belong.

In-Depth Analysis and Expert Opinions

Beyond ratings and updates, eTrue Sports provides thorough research and professional comments. A deeper understanding of games, player performance, and future events comes from articles and videos by seasoned sports experts. Fans who want a better knowledge of their preferred sports will find an ideal fit in this material.

Live Streaming and Replay Features

eTrue Sports supports live streaming of important events to ensure real-time viewing. The replay tool also lets you catch up on missing games whenever it would be most convenient. Fans with hectic schedules will find its adaptability to be an ideal fit.

Seamless Sync Across Devices

eTrue Sports allows you to sync your preferences and data across all of your iOS devices. You will pick up exactly where you left off, whether you go from your iPhone to your iPad. This flawless integration guarantees an always-constant experience.


Any sports lover should have eTrueSport on iOS. The app offers an unmatched sports-watching experience with its real-time updates, thorough coverage, individualized content, and premium multimedia. Get eTrue Sports right now to elevate your sporting enjoyment.

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DisplayNote Join: A Comprehensive Guide to the Collaborative Software




The Beginning

How do I use DisplayNote Join?

DisplayNote Join is a piece of collaborative software that’s meant to make it easier for people to talk to each other and work together in meetings, classes, and from home. It lets people share their screens, make notes on them, and work together in real time, which makes it easier to engage and join from anywhere.

The Point of View

Today’s world is becoming more digital and remote, so it’s important to have good tools for working together. DisplayNote Join tries to connect real and virtual worlds so that users can have a smooth and dynamic experience.

Key Features of DisplayNote Join: Work Together in Real Time

DisplayNote Join lets people work together in real time by letting them share screens, make notes on papers, and talk at the same time. This feature is great for groups and classrooms because it encourages people to be involved and participate.

Cross-Platform Support

The software works with many devices and running systems, such as Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. Cross-platform compatibility makes sure that users can work together and join from any device.

Sharing a screen

DisplayNote Join makes it easy for people to share their computers with others. Sharing your screen makes sure that everyone is on the same page, whether you’re giving a report, showing how to use software, or teaching.

Tools for Annotation

There are many annotation tools in the software that let users highlight, draw, and write directly on shared screens and papers. This feature is very helpful for making things clearer, drawing attention to important details, and making conversations more interactive.

Access from afar

DisplayNote Join is great for virtual classes and teams that work from home because participants can join sessions from anywhere. With remote access, everyone can fully join, no matter where they are.

Simple Integration: DisplayNote Join works well with other programs and systems, so it’s simple to add it to your current routine. Integration is easy and doesn’t cause any problems, whether you’re using it in a business setting or a school.

Advantages of Using DisplayNote Join: More interest

DisplayNote Join’s dynamic features, like the ability to work together in real time and add notes, help keep people interested. People are urged to take part, which makes meetings and classes more useful and interesting.

Better communication

DisplayNote Join helps people talk to each other better by giving them a way to connect in real time. Sharing your screen and making notes on it are visual tools that make it easier to explain complicated ideas.

Flexibility and ease of access

DisplayNote Join gives you a lot of options because it works on multiple platforms and lets you access it from afar. Users can join sessions from anywhere and on any device, making sure that everyone can view them.

Effective use of time and money

DisplayNote Join can save time and money on travel by letting people join from afar and cutting down on the need for in-person talks. Both companies and schools can benefit from this level of efficiency.

Interface that is easy to use

The program has an easy-to-use interface that lets users find their way around and access its features. People who aren’t very good with technology can quickly learn how to use the tool well.

In conclusion

ShowNote Join is a strong tool for making working together and talking to each other better in many situations. It works on multiple platforms, lets people work together in real time, and is easy to use, which makes it a great choice for meetings, classes, and remote work settings. DisplayNote Join helps connect real and virtual worlds by giving users an interactive and easy-to-use tool. This makes sure that everyone can participate effectively and with interest.

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